How can I design a recovery oriented e-learning website for people with mental health difficulties?

Past Theses - 2006 - 2010


This paper presents my living theory, developed as I sought to improve my practice as a mental health professional, and as I answered my research question: “How can I design a recovery-oriented e-learning website for people with mental health difficulties?”
Information technology has the potential to increase learning opportunities, promote inclusion and improve the quality of life for people with mental health difficulties. However, this group currently experience significant inequalities in accessing and maximising the potential of online learning interventions, due to lack of consideration by designers of their specific learning, usability and accessibility needs.
In the course of my research, I attempted to use technology to enhance and support the learning of people with mental health difficulties in a day service in south Dublin, and to encourage a recovery-oriented mental health service delivery, which has hope, inclusion, learning by doing and group support as its guiding principles. This enquiry involved the design and evaluation of an e-learning website for this group of service users.

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