Margaret Farren M.Ed. Phd

School of Education Studies, Dublin City University

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Home Ph.D students Fiona Dermody (Daniel O'Hare Scholar 2013-2016) (Industry)

Fiona Dermody (Daniel O'Hare Scholar 2013-2016) (Industry)

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Speaking for success – a digital learning system to develop competence in public speaking

Fiona Dermody PhD student. Daniel O’Hare Scholar (2013-2016)

This digital learning experience will enable anxious speakers to develop their public speaking skills cost-effectively, in private and at their own pace.

Effective speaking involves the use of gestures, facial expressions and vocal variety. This system will analyse these modalities using a combination of video imaging and social signal processing. The provision of feedback and tutorial videos will enable the user to develop their speaking skills before speaking in front of a live audience.

By harnessing the power of digital learning, this system will increase the user’s communication skills, confidence and ultimately lead to greater success in life.

Supervisors: Dr. Margaret Farren, Education Studies and Dr. Alistair Sutherland, School of Computing

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