Margaret Farren M.Ed. Phd

School of Education Studies, Dublin City University

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Home Ph.D students Sabrina Fitzsimons (Graduated November 2012) (Teacher Education Institute)

Sabrina Fitzsimons (Graduated November 2012) (Teacher Education Institute)

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An exploration of teaching and learning in Second Life in the context of Initial Teacher Education

As a teacher in a College of Education (Mater Dei Institute) I am convinced of the value of new technologies. Research highlights that it is “incumbent upon the academy to adapt teaching and learning practices to meet the needs of today’s learner” (The New Media Consortium 2010 p4). It follows that approaches to enhancing ICT in initial teacher education must take place at many levels (OECD 2010). My research will focus on enhancing professional development within a programme of initial teacher education through the medium of Second Life (SL). This research builds on findings from my own MA research An Investigation of the Potential of Computer Games in Education (Fitzsimons 2006). I found that commercial computer games, namely, The Sims, prove beneficial in the teaching and learning of topics within the Junior Certificate Religious Education Syllabus. Emerging from the gaming industry Multi User Virtual Worlds (MUVEs) provide opportunities and challenges for teaching and learning in a digital world. This research will draw on findings from SL educational practice at tertiary level within the field of education as well as other professional contexts, including law, nursing and the wider medical profession. The methodology I will use is ethnography.


Graduated November 2012

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