Margaret Farren M.Ed. Phd

School of Education Studies, Dublin City University

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Margaret Farren M.Ed. Ph.D.

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Margaret Farren, lecturer and chair of the M.Sc. Education and Training Manamgenet programme

Lecturer and Chair of the M.Sc. Education and Training Management programme (Leadership & eLearning strands) and co-ordinator of the M.Sc. dissertation research. Academic Representative for the Uaneen module. Previously I taught for five years in an International Secondary school in Brussels, and for five years in Further and Adult education in London. I have also worked in industry. I have carried out research in the area of e-learning, action research and change management and have been invited to present my research at National and International conferences. I have a Teaching qualification from Garnett College of Education, London and an M.Ed. and PhD from the University of Bath.

Research Interests:

A founder members of APPLET - a DCU Cross-Faculty Learning Technology research group affiliated with the Learning Innovation and Knowledge Research Centre. I am on the editorial board of a referred journal caled 'Educational Journal of Living Theories'(EJOLTs). EJOLTs is committed to publishing the accounts of practitioner-researchers from a wide range of global, social, cultural and professional contexts that explain their educational influences in their own learning, in the learning of others and in the learning of social formations. I research and publish in the following areas: Action Research and Evaluation as change agents in Education. Educational applications of videoconferencing. Educational influence in learning using emerging technologies. Digital video in education, Collaborative online learning environments (virtual learning environments). University-School Collaboration. ICT Policy.

Selected Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Farren, M. 2008. eLearning and Action Research in Higher Education, (Peer Reviewed Online Journal). (2008 issue),
  • Cloke C. Farren M & Barrington J. 2007. Interactive Video and Group Learning. Action research studies. Vol.27 No.2, British Journal of Educational Technology,
  • Farren, M. 2007. Action Research Expeditions (Online Peer Reviewed Journal) (December issue 2007).

Selected Books

Farren, M. eLearning and Action Research in Practice.(in press), 2008.

Selected Chapters

  • Farren, M. Promoting Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Education. Technology and Learning: Pathways to the 21st Century Microsoft.(publication 2008) .
  • Farren, M. & Tweedy, E. 2007. Integrating Videconferencing into Educational Practice. Association of Learning Technology. UK.
  • Farren, M. & Whitehead, J. 2007. Educational Influences in Learning with Visual Narratives (Action research in practice). Diverse Publication. UK.
  • Farren, M., Tobin, B. & Ryan, M. 2006. Weaving a web of betweenness: A strategy and support at school level (action research case studies). Spirals of Change: Educational Change as a Driving Force for School Improvement. Lannoocampus. Belgium.
  • Farren, M. & Tweedy, E. 2000. Using ICT to support action research and Distance Learning. Action Research in Ireland. September Publications. Farren, M., Mooney, M., Pentony, D. 2000. University-School Collaboration Project: Creation of a Virtual Art Gallery. Challenges for Learning in a Digital Age.CESI Book Publication.Ireland.
  • Farren, M. 1998. Using the Internet for Professional Development. Integrating ICT in the Curriculum
  • ó Concubhair, T. and Farren, M. 1998. Co-operative Learning in the Teaching of Computer Programming using an action research approach. Integrating ICT in the Curriculum. Dublin City University.


  • Farren, M. 2007. Program Committee for ED-MEDIA (educational multimedia conference).
  • Farren, M. 2007. Editorial Board of Referred Online Journal - Educational Journal of Living Theories.
  • Farren, M. 2002. . Journal of Interactive Media in Education.

Selected Non-peer Reviewed Journals

  • Farren, M. 2006. Sustaining the use of collaborative online learning environments in higher education. UK Libraries Online Database.
  • Farren, M. 2006. How can I support a web of betweenness through Information and communications technology?. eLearning europa URL:,
  • Farren, M. 2005. Creating a pedagogy of the unique through a web of betweenness. UK Libraries Education Online Database. Wednesday, January 2, 2008 8:04 PM
  • Arizona State University ¿ DCU Strategic Alliance RESEARCH TRAVEL SUPPORT PROGRAMME 2007


  • Whitehead, J., McNiff, J., Farren, M., & Delong J., (Invited Symposium). Explaining How We Exercise Our Educational Leadership For Sustainable Social Transformation, From Theory to Advocacy: Using Practitioner Research (action research) as a Catalyst for Change. International Conference of Teacher Research (ICTR).National-Louis University, Chicago., 13-APR-07 - 14-APR-07, Chicago
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  • Farren, M. & Conway. P. (2006)., DIT eLearning Summer School 2007, E-Learning: What¿s the gap between aspiration and actuality, and can we (or indeed should we) bridge it?. 19-JUN-06 - 23-JUN-06, DIT, Dublin
  • Farren, M., Whitehead, J. & Whitehead, Joan (2006). Experiencing and evidencing educational influences in learning through self study using ICT in schools and universities. In: Tate and Ladson-Billings ed.Education Research in the Public Interest., 06-APR-06 - , American Education Research Assoc. Conference. San Francisco, p. 1 - - p. 468
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